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Where A Glass Contractor Can Put Patterned Glass In Your Orange County Commercial Space

Custom Specialty Glass For Your Business

Patterned glass, also called textured glass, adds a visual element to any space. You can customize the specialty glass with unique patterns or use one of the many established options. A reputable Orange County glass contractor can help you find the perfect option for your space.


The entrance to your store or office is an opportunity to make a stunning first impression. Everyone who visits your commercial space passes through the area, so it should reflect your company’s values and branding.

Patterned glass can be part of this statement, whether your company emphasizes modernity or traditional values. Textured glass makes a fantastic option behind a reception desk, to the sides of the door, or even as wall decoration.


Stairways are often underutilized space, and patterned glass can change that. Glass, even patterned glass, opens up your staircase and allows more light transmission. Generally, the open feeling created by more light improves the feel of your commercial space.

Whether you want to decorate a wall or turn the wall into glass art, calling a glass contractor is a solid choice. Glass contractors in Orange County can source and install what you envision, even if it requires a little more structural building.


Traditional offices are created with cubicles or drywall. Both options tend to make a closed-in space that customers and employees find unappealing. Specialty glass can provide an alternative that divides your commercial space.

Glass partitions and walls are fantastic options. A reputable glass contractor can help you lay out the best options, source the right type of specialty glass, and professionally install the new glass. It’s an efficient option to change your space entirely.

Break Areas

Another area you can incorporate patterned glass is break areas for employees. This option can add sophistication, interest, and even whimsy to your company’s break space. Plus, specialty glass can be added at almost any point, whether your space is new or going through an update.

You can add textured glass in a variety of places, from the backsplash to cabinet inserts. A good glass contractor can help you source and install non-standard pieces, so your break room is a relaxing place for employees.


Patterned glass is also a unique choice for railings around stairs, catwalks, and balconies. The unique patterns you can place in railings add beauty to what is already a focal point in your commercial space.

Since railings need to meet safety standards, bringing in a professional glass contractor ensures that you meet those standards. A good glass company can also help you create something truly unique with the railings in your commercial space.

Are you looking for a reliable glass contractor for patterned or textured glass? Then call Glass X today for your consultation.

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