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How Commercial Glass Goes Beyond Storefronts

When most people envision commercial glass, it’s the storefront windows to display products to passersby. However, there are many other options for commercial glass in your Orange County space that can enhance your space.

Glass Doors

Glass doors complement storefront windows and add elegance to an office or workspace entrance. Not only do glass doors tend to symbolize modern values and transparency, but they also allow more light from the beautiful Orange County days into your commercial space. That’s part of what makes glass doors a good choice for business.

Store Displays

Glass is an excellent option for store displays, and you may find creative applications for it in other spaces. Not only does glass work well for cases, but it can also be incorporated into shelving units to inspire an open feel in the room. Using glass shelving and cases as part of your commercial space design can elevate your Orange County location and inspire people looking through the storefront windows.

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions have both store and office applications, though offices are more common. For example, you may see glass partitions used to separate sections or tinted glass used for changing areas in a store. In an office space, you can see glass used for everything from cubicles to conference rooms so that the space feels more open and light to the occupants.

Glass Stair Rails

If you have a multi-story space for your Orange County business, a glass stair rail may be the statement piece you need to set off your entire space. Glass stair rails are durable, functional, allow light to pass through, and most of all offer a statement that’s hard for people to look away from. Glass stair rails can truly make your space.

Glass Canopies

Glass canopies rest in a frame and attach to the outside of your building to protect your customers from the elements as they’re walking in. This form of commercial glass in OC helps customers before they walk through your door and while they’re looking through your storefront windows, and it demonstrates your level of commitment to exemplary customer service.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass comes in many forms, from etched to tinted patterns to 3D. You can create the look you want for your commercial space in OC with decorative glass, and a commercial glass shop can install it. The glass art options stretch as far as your imagination, and you may be surprised how they can integrate into your branding.

Do you need a commercial glass shop to handle your unique commercial space needs? Contact GlassX today for your consultation to customize your space with the perfect glass.

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