Interior Glass Walls, Railings, Dividers Orange County

People have long enjoyed the aesthetic of a glass-covered skyscraper. Modern designers and business owners can now bring that enjoyment inside their commercial spaces. Any building or new construction can use these modern marvels.

Glass X OC offers glass window walls with trendy accents and other details. These glass walls are forcing conventional walls out of the office and helping achieve a better work environment. Whether you are remodeling an office or building a new one from the ground up, the Glass X team can help you achieve the exact look you want.

What Glass X OC Offers:

Quality Materials Throughout the Installation Process: Glass X offers many varieties of glass window products. If you would like to upgrade your glass, see our laminated, annealed, tempered, and bulletproof options, all of which are available in your choice of color and thickness.

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience: All crews at Glass X of Orange County works tirelessly to match your project specifications for the glass window wall installation. In addition, our technical department will help you create precise plans for glazing your commercial spaces and ensure your project proceeds on time.

Lasting Durability and Performance:

When you choose Glass X, you’re choosing durability and performance for your glass windows. Your new glass walls or windows will fulfill their design purpose beautifully while also minimizing distractions.

Our glass window walls also facilitate natural light flowing throughout your space, which appeals to your employees. Set up your consult with Glass X today to see what glass window walls could do for you.

Glass Curtain Walls

And Glass Dividers

Do you want to improve your commercial space’s décor without remodeling the whole place? Are you interested in an open office look, but you’re concerned about the noise levels? Do you want to add elegance and sophistication to your space?

Advantages of Interior Glass Dividers and Glass Curtain Walls

Visually Opening Up a Space:

Open concept is a mainstay of modern design, and our interior glass dividers deliver that without compromising the work environment. For example, when you walk into a space using glass curtain walls instead of cubicles, you can see everything happening in the office along with all four walls. It’s amazing.

Glass X can help.

At Glass X, we specifically design glass curtain walls to meet your unique needs. You never need to worry about the durability of your investment. Our glass curtain walls use opaque or glazed panels attached to aluminum frames. This design is a hallmark of modern architectural design, and it’s lasted this long because it really works.

100% Safe and Reliable.

So many people perceive glass as a fragile material which doesn’t possess the strength of conventional walls. However, Glass X makes use of laminated or tempered glasses which are durable and environmentally friendly. Increases Natural Light and Saves Energy Costs

Natural light is a buzzword for a good reason, and it offers many positive benefits in the workplace. If you want a naturally illuminated office, Glass X can help you create the perfect layout in transparent interior glass dividers.

Comfortable Working Environments

Whether glass can be soundproofed is typically a point of hesitancy before installing glass curtain walls. At Glass X, we choose glass products that supply sound insulation between 20 and 30 decibels. This level is more than enough to mask normal conversation. You’ll see measurable benefits after installing glass walls or interior glass dividers.

Inexpensive Methods To Create Space

Creating separate spaces in your commercial building can be easy and straightforward. You only need to call the experts at Glass X. We can work with you to conveniently install glass curtain walls or dividers in your commercial space within a short timeframe.

At Glass X, we supply glass solutions for all of your space challenges. We work with you to find the right combination of glass curtain walls and interior glass dividers while considering your budgetary restrictions.

Commercial Glass


When you contact Glass X, we will help you design and install the proper glass canopy for your property.

Glass canopies offer customers protection from the rain, hail, sun, and other weather conditions. You can attach a glass canopy to a storefront, shopping center, or office building. Glass canopies generally use an aluminum overhead and supports, which are then covered in glass panels. With proper positioning, the canopy protects customers.

A glass canopy supplies an open, clean look for your entrance while also providing shelter for your customers in the event of inclement weather.

Glass X offers over 20 years of experience in glass canopy design and installation. We handle all kinds of commercial glass throughout the Los Angeles area and Southern California.

Schedule an appointment with Glass X today to see what trustworthy, reliable, and experienced glass professionals can do for you.