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Emergency Storefront Glass Repair & Replace Orange County

Commercial storefront glass entices modern shoppers to enter your business. We help our clients create a trendy space for their showrooms, storefronts, and commercial offices. You can see our completed projects across Southern California in various commercial spaces.

Glass X OC offers the services you need to keep your company competitive.

We can help you create a custom entrance for your business through glass enclosures and doors.

Install commercial framing for your storefront, so customers envision themselves inside your store.

Highlight the beauty of your store items with custom display cases to entice customers to buy your merchandise.

Install glass doors that perfectly match your specifications, including tempered glass

Glass Storefront


We install storefronts in a wide variety of styles to meet your needs. Glass X can handle whole structure makeovers along with single door replacements. We promise you’ll love the results the first time.

We use aluminum with our systems. This material is durable, strong, and safe for your storefront system. Glass X OC designs to provide maximum satisfaction for your commercial glass storefront and with your customers in mind.

We supply metal and glass colors to match your branding. See our color selection for yourself at your consultation.

We install Herculite® glass, which is a leading brand in commercial storefront glass. Glass X Orange County stakes our reputation on every installation, and we’re committed to only providing quality commercial glass storefront solutions.

We love Herculite®, and we’re sure you will too. Here are a few of our favorite features.

Standard sizes to fit many openings
Custom fit available for unique openings
Available with thicknesses of 3/8″ or 1/2″
Colors that suit your business brand, including:
Polished Chrome, Stainless, Black, Bronze

Ask your Glass X expert about custom colors. While Herculite® comes in many unique colors, we can help you find the perfect shade for your needs if rain, acid, etch, sandblasted, grey, and more do not meet your needs.

Glass X Herculite® Glass Systems


Overhead concealed closure system
Dry glaze rails for the top and bottom
Offset c-pull handle(s)

Our doors come in complete sets, which means our customers never wait longer for delivery and installations. We make sure you aren’t left waiting or with a disruption to your business when you want your commercial storefront repaired or replaced.

Additionally, interior design for offices has shifted immensely in recent years. Open floorplans have superseded the cubicle, and offices need a solution that improves productivity. Floor to ceiling glass partitions improve on the concept by allowing light while minimizing noise disruptions.

Installing office glass partitions instantly transforms your commercial space into a more modern style. As a result, employees will find the environment more appealing. You can see an uptick in employee productivity to match.

Glass partitions use soundproof glass to improve how your commercial environment feels. These partitions minimize distractions while helping employees maintain their focus. It’s an excellent solution for your space.

Glass X OC designs and installs:

Floor to ceiling glass partitions

Floor to ceiling glass partitions

Floor to ceiling glass partitions

We’re happy to help you customize and configure your space using glass partitions. Our experts can also help you find the finishes and framing that uniquely suit your designs.

We offer a complete line glass railing for each glass partition. This safety feature ensures that your residential or commercial installation does not become a liability.

Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting helps your company.

Reduce energy costs

Protect your furniture and infrastructure
from UV rays

Create a healthier work environment

The more glass you have installed, the bigger benefit you can derive from window tinting. Glass X is ready to assist you with modifying, repairing, and replacing your commercial glass. Glass X Los Angeles offers fast, efficient service so that your company faces minimal disruption.

Commercial Glass Doors

Your entrance is the most crucialvisual aspect of your business, so the right door is critical. A commercial glass door welcomes customers, indicates openness, and provides many safety elements. The right door conveys all of this to your customers.

GlassX works with clients across Los Angeles and Southern California to install glass door units and accessories that make a difference

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors welcome customers even with their hands full. These conveniences ensure that people can enter your commercial space without any difficulty. Using automatic doors can help immensely with the feel of your storefront

Glass X Offers Expertise.

When you’re ready, we’re here for you. We can install security glass, bulletproof glass, and bullet-resistant glass across your facility. From serving windows to security booths to transaction windows, we can help. When Glass X installs, our experts check every detail to meet your safety goals and specifications.

To best serve our clients, we only carry one line of high-quality aluminum doors.

We help you design and install the perfect glass doors to do this efficiently, and we carry all the glass products you need to complete your glass door installation. With Glass X, you’ll find the perfect solution to meet your needs
Door closers
Door pivots
Door handles

We offer the expertise, products, and mentality to turn your commercial glass installation into a turn-key solution.

Let Glass X provide an estimate for your commercial glass installation today. You’ll see why companies in Southern California call us whenever they need a glass door installation or repair. We guarantee your satisfaction with every job.