Custom Glass Table Tops and Bars in OC

Are you interested in instantly expanding the feel of your residential or commercial space in Orange County?

Replace a solid table with a glass one! This change expands the visual range of any room and allows more light. These days, you can have a glass table for any purpose, from dining tables to side tables to coffee tables. This versatility and the visual appeal of glass enhance any space.

Designers and artists both create excellent table bases that are art. With materials ranging from exotic woods to industrial objects to natural materials like antlers, these are eye-catching. A glass table top enhances the beauty and makes it the center of the space. If you have an idea, we can create a custom glass tabletop for it.

Interior designers love glass table tops because they expand the opportunities for a space. For example, a glass table top can showcase an elegant rug, unique table base, or visually interesting chairs. A glass table top also leaves the room feeling uncluttered.

Protect Your Wood with a Custom Glass Table Top

Glass table tops are often employed to protect antique or precious wood pieces while allowing you to continue using them. Unfortunately, every table has its wear and tear, spills, or other hazards. A custom glass table top from Glass X protects against all of it.

Glass table tops are stunning additions to any space. However, they still require repair from certain types of damage. Even the most finely constructed glass table top can chip and crack. If you call Glass X OC, we can help you find the ideal solution as well.

Just like windshield glass, glass table tops face accidental chips and cracks. Immediate repair prevents the chip or cracks from becoming bigger over time. Often, these small repairs prevent severe damage, keep the glass looking good, and delay the need for replacement.

Glass X experts have extensive experience in glass repair and replacement. This expertise means we can fabricate, install, and repair glass table tops throughout your residence or commercial space. We can also help with other glass features in your building.

Whether you need a typical glass table top or a custom fabricated piece of table top glass for a one-of-a-kind piece, the experts at Glass X Orange County can help. Our extensive experience is at your disposal.