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Achieving Privacy With Glass In Mission Viejo

Whether you have a store, an office space, or even a residence in Mission Viejo, privacy is necessary. Privacy glass, whether exterior or interior glass, can deliver safety from wandering eyes without compromising the natural light available in your space.

What Is Privacy Glass?

Privacy glass is a catch-all term for several different types of glass. The bottom line is that privacy glasses are translucent, not transparent. This detail allows them to continue transmitting light without allowing people outside the space to view what’s happening inside. A Mission Viejo glass contractor can help you find the right type of privacy glass for your project.

Ground Glass

Ground glass involves the surface being ground up so that it has little pits in it. The glass is then sanded smooth again before installation so that the surface is smooth but retains a matte look. It is the matte appearance that stops people from being able to see through this type of interior glass and into your space.

Frosted Glass

When you think of privacy glass, you most likely picture frosted glass. Frosted glass uses sandblasting or acid etching on one or both sides of the glass. Frosted glass can be highly decorative interior glass, featuring everything from company logos to geometric shapes. A Mission Viejo glass contractor can help create a custom look in frosted glass for your commercial space.

Tinted Glass

When you hear tinted glass, your mind probably goes to cars. However, this type of privacy glass is also used in buildings. While more commonly used as exterior glass to help improve energy efficiency, you can also use tinted glass as interior glass. Tinted glass uses metal oxides, and your Mission Viejo glass contractor can help you find the right tint for your space.

One Way Glass

While one-way glass is traditionally associated with TV police dramas, it has many practical uses in a commercial building. While typically not used as an interior glass in applications outside security, you may also see it on building exteriors. This type of privacy glass uses a thin metallic film to create the effect. You often see it in office buildings.

Smart Glass

Smart glass is a relatively new addition to the market. This glass uses an electric charge or proprietary chemicals to turn the glass from transparent to translucent. While some smart glass systems do so automatically to match the environment around them, you can control others via a switch for on-demand privacy.

Are you interested in installing privacy glass in your building? Contact Glass X, one of Mission Viejo’s premier glass contractors, today for your consultation.

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