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Glass Doors To Set Your Business Apart In Orange County

Little touches make an enormous difference in the modern market as you try to attract customers. Whether you’re running a commercial store, office providing digital services, or lab testing various products, glass doors are a great choice for any space.

Glass Doors For Storefronts

Storefronts are the first impression for many customers, and glass doors are a good choice for multiple reasons. Glass conveys modern values and transparency, which are important to your customer base. Glass doors are the first step toward that.

Modern glass doors are secure and present a solid image for your business. You can upgrade the door for better branding, security, or other concerns if you desire. A good commercial glass company can help you create the perfect glass doors.

Changing Rooms

Glass doors are a good choice within your commercial space as well. If you’re running a store that uses changing rooms, frosted glass is an option for an upscale and modern look that guarantees privacy.

While glass for changing room doors may be an unconventional choice, you can create a unique boutique feel for the entire space. You’ve put your money into your store, and glass doors can be part of that investment.

Office Doors

Traditional office space is closed off and sterile. However, many office workers no longer want to work in these spaces, and your company may need to make dramatic changes. Installing glass doors to allow more light into each space without requiring you to change the entire layout.

Glass doors are also an option to separate different departments without feeling closed off from the rest of the company. This is especially beneficial for departments like HR, which often feel as though they’re separate.

Partitioning Spaces

Glass doors are an option for partitioning spaces as well. Foldable glass doors can easily make your commercial space multifunctional and allow you to transform the flow of your office. Even fixed glass doors provide more options.

A common choice for foldable glass doors is around the conference and break rooms. Then those spaces can be closed off for official functions and left open for employee use when there is not. You may even use them as spaces to house communal electronics like printers.

Management Offices

Management is another area where people often feel closed off, whether in a store or an office. Glass doors are a good option to change the feel of the office and make management more accessible to regular workers.

Often, management offices are closed off for privacy concerns. However, there are types of glass that limit sound transfer, and frosting the glass doors can ensure privacy without obstructing the light. There’s no reason to keep management offices in the dark.

Are you interested in how glass doors could change your commercial space? Contact the design team at Glass X today for your consultation today.

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