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Commercial Glass Case Study: Spas In Orange County

Orange Country has many unique spas, from traditional to medical, all competing for customers. The design of a spa space can influence whether customers come through the door, how comfortable they feel, and several other factors. If you’re designing or redesigning a spa in OC, an expert commercial glass shop delivers the best glass possible for a modern feel.

Commercial Glass Lobby

The lobby of your OC spa is the first impression of your business, and nothing says modern or clean like glass. Glass compliments any color you want to use in your spa lobby. In addition, the tint options can help ensure your clients have privacy by cutting the lobby off from the rest of the spa.

Popular options for spa lobbies in OC from commercial glass experts include glass walls to create division, glass accents around the room, glass art, and storefront windows. Frosted, tinted, and custom art are solid options for OC’s spas.

Locker Room And Bathroom Glass

Depending on your spa layout, there may be a single set of locker rooms or bathrooms attached to the appropriate treatment areas. Glass is a stunning way to modernize these rooms without sacrificing the privacy many expect from an OC, and a good commercial glass shop can help with the design.

Commercial glass installers in OC can deliver the right glass solutions for locker rooms and spa bathrooms. Popular choices for these areas include glass walls, commercial shower doors, unique mirrors, and more.

Spa Rooms

Your spa rooms are where the treatments take place, whether you focus on medical, natural beauty, or relaxation. Glass from a reputable commercial glass shop can create the perfect look while also allowing light to pass.

An experienced glass shop in OC can deliver glass in almost any shape, install it securely, and provides maintenance services. You can design your spa rooms to convey the peace and relaxation you want using the beauty of glass, from tinted room dividers to glass art.

Spa Pools

If your spa includes pools, commercial glass is a fantastic choice to create the space. Whether enclosing the area, placing glass walls between the pools, putting a glass canopy over a pool, or something else matches your vision, the right OC commercial glass installer can help.

Glass and water go beautifully together. Clear glass allows others to see your spa’s inviting pools while also containing its noise. Meanwhile, frosted and tinted glass can provide a feeling of privacy, which your customers may crave.

Mirrors In Spas

No spa is complete without mirrors, and customers often want to see their results immediately after your treatments. Expert commercial glass shops in Orange County can help you create the right mirrors for your spa, whether you need a unique material or custom shape.

Not only do mirrors provide reflections, but they also bounce light around. As a result, well-placed mirrors can completely change the look and feel of your OC spa space. Your customers will marvel at how you’ve created a clean, airy environment for them.

Do you need an experienced commercial glass shop in OC? Contact Glass X today to see how our experience can make your spa spectacular.

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