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When To Consider Replacing Your Storefront Windows

Windows are one of the largest pieces of your El Segundo storefront, but they are often overlooked as something you can replace to benefit your store. A reputable commercial glass contractor can help you determine the right solutions for your store’s location.

Outdated Storefront Windows

Unfortunately, even if you started with the best windows possible, any commercial glass contractor will tell you that the times change. Updating your store’s windows to reflect modern trends can help you attract more customers, lower your energy bills, and reflect your current branding.


Unfortunately, commercial buildings are not immune to becoming drafty like homes. While you may have problems with the foundation or holes in the walls, the most likely cause is actually your storefront windows. As windows age, they lose their seals. Call a commercial glass contractor if you suspect the windows are no longer sealed.

Deteriorated Frames

The frame is how your windows attach to the building. In many cases, a frame may wear out before a window does due to the weather in El Segundo. If you see chipping, holes, flaking paint, and other signs of decay around your windows, it’s a good time to call a commercial glass contractor for an evaluation.

Building Shifting

While California may not have had a “big one” in recent years, soil movement in El Segundo may change how your walls and windows fit together. Over time, this can lead to your windows no longer doing their job due to gaps and holes. As more minor shifts can lead to big problems, you may want to call in professionals while troubleshooting.


Storefront windows also contribute to the overall feel of your store. One of the facets of your storefront windows is offering privacy for your clients and employees. Your requirements may have changed over the years, and hiring a commercial glass contractor to replace the windows is an excellent option for ensuring your new windows offer the right amount of privacy.


Storefront windows are also part of your store’s security. Unfortunately, windows are generally see-through and vulnerable. However, commercial glass contractors now offer many options to enhance your store’s security and limit the potential weak points of using glass. Updating your storefront windows provides an opportunity to make those changes.

Curb Appeal In El Segundo

Another reason to consider changing out your storefront windows is the curb appeal. These days, your building’s first impression may be all you get to draw in potential customers. Storefront windows that look good and match your brand can help you create those valuable first impressions. Plus, new windows are a benefit if you ever need to sell.

Are you looking for a local, reputable commercial glass contractor in El Segundo? Call Glass X today to see how we can transform your storefront.

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